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The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums are the first formal meetings between Japanese, Russian and American scholars and diplomats in Portsmouth, NH, since the negotiation of the Treaty of Portsmouth Treaty in 1905.  The Treaty is considered one of the most powerful symbols of peace in the Northern Pacific region and the most significant, shared peace history for Japan, Russia, and the United States.

The Forums are sponsored by the Japan-America Society of New Hampshire, together with the Russia Society of New Hampshire, to explore, through Japanese, Russian and American perspectives, the history of the Treaty of Portsmouth and its relevance to current issues involving the Northern Pacific region.  The Forums provide modern scholarship on international problems in the "spirit of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty" and study the Treaty as an example of multi-track or two-track diplomacy.

The Portsmouth Peace Treaty provides an example to the world of the enlightened foreign policy for peace by Japan, Russia, and the United States. The Treaty also exemplifies the ability of local citizens to mediate informally international disputes. As hosts for thirty days in August 1905, the State of New Hampshire, the people of Portsmouth and the United States Navy fostered goodwill between Russian and Japanese Delegates during the critical peace negotiations that ended the Russo-Japanese War, then the largest war being fought in the world.  In 1905 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, an uncommon commitment to peace became a common virtue. The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums commemorate and continue that tradition.

Follow these links for the proceedings from each Forum:
Forum I, June 1994
Forum II, October 1994
Forum III, September 1995
Forum IV, March 2000
Forum V, December 2006: 100th Anniversary TR Nobel
Forum VI, December 2007: Dennis Ross, Statecraft
Forum VII, December 2008: Samantha Power, Chasing the Flame
Forum VIII, December 2009: President Obama Nobel
Forum IX, November 2016: Graham Allison/Fiona Hill, Reconsidering the Trilateral Cooperation Study


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Statewide. The NH Legislature in 2010 declared the day the Treaty was signed to be Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day in perpetuity, confirmed by Governor's Proclamation.

Highlights around Portsmouth include a salute by the Navy at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard followed by bell-ringing throughout the area (and beyond) at 3:47 pm. Market Square (15 Pleasant St.) reading of the Governor's Proclamation and hand-bell ringing by Portsmouth High School students. Temple Israel will blow the traditional shofar (ram's horn).  Bellringing at Wentworth By the Sea Hotel, Strawbery Banke Museum and John Paul Jones House Museum. Annual peace flag-raising at Green Acre School in Eliot ME.

At 6 pm "100th Anniversary of the Cherry Trees and the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Connection" an illustrated talk by Charles B. Doleac, Order of the Rising Sun gold rays with rosette. In the Discover Portsmouth Center (10 Middle St., Portsmouth), 2nd floor. Free and open to the public.

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Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day

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