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The following stories provide ongoing coverage of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Centennial since the Anniversary Committee's inception.

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For articles by members of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Anniversary Committee, click here. And for earlier coverage, click here.

Press Coverage


WCSA Portsmouth Community Radio, Interview with Charles Doleac on 110th Anniversary


Portsmouth Herald (May 19, 2014), Planting new cherry trees

Portsmouth Herald (April 28, 2014), PHS students visit Japan


Portsmouth Herald (March 6, 2013), "Group given $10k for cherry tree memorial

Fosters Daily Democrat (April 6, 2013), "Grant received for living memorial of Portsmouth Peace Treaty" 

Fosters Daily Democrat (May 2, 2013), "Cherry Tree Tea welcomes author," 

The Wire (April 3, 2013), "New festival celebrates cherry trees and peace," 


Portsmouth Herald (August 29, 2013) Portsmouth celebrates Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day 

NH Public Radio (September 5, 2013):  Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day bells

Portsmouth Patch (September 5, 2013): Bells to ring at 3:47 pm today for Portsmouth Peace Treaty

Fosters (September 10, 2013) Ringing bells for peace

Portsmouth Herald, Japan, Portsmouth celebrate cherry tree (October 31, 2013)

Union Leader, Japanese students plant cherry tree at PHS (October 31, 2013)


Portsmouth Herald (May 19, 2012) -- EDITORIAL: Good growth
Portsmouth Herald (May 12, 2012) -- Symbolic cherry saplings planted in area
Fosters (May 12, 2012) -- Cherry trees mark city's place in history
Sankei Shimbun (May 12, 2012) -- Cherry tree planting
Portsmouth Patch (May 11, 2012) -- Cherry tree captures spirit of Portsmouth Peace Treaty
Portsmouth Herald (May 10, 2012) -- Cherry tree plantings honor treaty
Fosters (April 14, 2012) -- Japanese Government to give Portsmouth 20 more cherry trees
Portsmouth Herald (April 13, 2012) -- Cherry seedlings gift to city
SeacoastNH.com (April 13, 2012) -- Japanese gifts commemorate cherry trees
Portsmouth Patch (April 15, 2012) -- Portsmouth Today 






Portsmouth Herald (December 30, 2011) -- Documentary features local pupils
Union Leader (December 27, 2011) -- The Russian Connection
Portsmouth Herald (Octber 7, 2011) -- Japanese students share culture in visit to city's schools
Fosters (October 6, 2011) -- Sister-city gifts
Fosters (October 2, 2011) -- Historical Society hosts "Teddy Roosevelt's Nobel"
Portsmouth Herald (September 26, 2011) -- City honors legacies of labor. peace treaty 
Fosters (September 26, 2011) -- Portsmouth rally celebrates labor, peace treaty
Portsmouth Herald (September 23, 2011) -- Special weekend event
Fosters (September 23, 2011) -- Labor/Portsmouth Peace Treaty parade 
Portsmouth Herald (September 10, 2011) -- Editorial
Fosters (September 6, 2011) -- Portsmouth attorney award Order of the Rising Sun
Fosters (September 6, 2011) -- Peace treaty signing marked at Shipyard
Portsmouth Herald (September 6, 2011) -- Bells toll for Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day
Portsmouth Herald (September 4, 2011) -- Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day celebration planned
Union Leader (September 1, 2011) -- NH man's life work honored by Japan
Fosters (July 11, 2011) -- Government of Japan awards local man

Portsmouth Herald (July 2, 2011) -- Japanese government awards local attorney for fostering friendships
Exeter News-Letter (June 28, 2011) -- EHS students win naval history award
Fosters (April 21, 2011) -- Uniquely Pontine
Exeter News-Letter (April 7, 2011) -- EHS students win first place in History Day competition
Fosters (March 7, 2011) -- Portsmouth Peace Treaty held up as successful method to end conflict
Portsmouth Herald (March 7, 2011) -- Jewish community's role in Portsmouth Peace Treaty recalled
Union Leader (March 3, 2011) -- Seacoast program recalls landmark international negotiations
Fosters (February 21, 2011) -- Temple Israel hosts "Theodore Roosevelt's Nobel Peace Prize & the Portsmouth Jewish Community"

Portsmouth Herald (February 20, 2011) -- Community Calendar: Temple Isreal hosts talk


Portsmouth Herald October 7, 2010) --  Japanese students welcomed at PHS
Portsmouth Herald (October 2, 2010) -- Japanese students visiting city, Portsmouth High  
Portsmouth Herald (July 25, 2010) -- PHS singers will carry notes in Japan Fosters (September 7, 2010) -- Bells ring as city celebrates Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day
Kyodo News (September 6, 2010)--
Portsmouth fetes 105th anniversary end of Russo-Japanese War
Portsmouth Herald (September 6, 2010) --
105 years later, bells ring for peace
Portsmouth Herald (September 5, 2010) --
Bell-ringing to mark treaty anniversary
Portsmouth Herald (September 3, 2010) --
Concert held for Peace Treaty Day
Fosters (September 3, 2010) --
Photo recreation marks anniversary of peace treaty
The Wire (August 25, 2010) --
September 5 is Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day
Portsmouth Herald (September 2, 2010) --
Celebrating Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day Sep 5
Portsmouth Herald (August 30, 2010) --
Bellringing to mark Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day
Fosters (August 26, 2010) --
Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day to have first statewide observance
Portsmouth Herald (August 18, 2010) --
EDITORIAL Kudos for work to create Treaty Day
News (August 19, 2010) -- NH to commemorate Portsmouth Peace Treaty
Portsmouth Herald (August 17, 2010) --
Peace Treaty to be celebrated
Associated Press (August 15, 2010) --
NH to commemorate Treaty
Union Leader (June 23, 2010) --
Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day shows citizens' efforts matter (op-ed)
Portsmouth Herald (June 13, 2010) --
NH bill establishes "Peace Treaty Day"
Portsmouth Herald (April 15, 2010) --
Cherry trees have historical significance

The Wire (December 9, 2009) --
War, and peace
Fosters (December 11, 2009) --
Peace Treaty Forum to commemorate anniversary with Obama's Nobel speech

Portsmouth Herald (November 27, 2009) -- Nobel Peace Prize event is scheduled: Forum group will present President Obama's acceptance speech
Fosters, (Octber 22, 2009) --
'Peace' returning to Portsmouth and Pontine
Portsmouth Herald (October 17, 2009) --
Community members star in Pontine production
Portsmouth Herald (October 10, 2009) --
Locals surprised over Obama's Peace Prize
Fosters (September 6, 2009) –
Bell tolling marks peace treaty signing

Fosters (September 4, 2009) – Russo-Japanese War treaty 
Portsmouth Herald (September 4, 2009) --
Bell tolls for peace"
Union Leader (September 3, 2009) -- Celebrating Peace
Portsmouth Herald (September 3, 2009) --
Call for Beat Night readers
Fosters (September 3, 2009) --
3:47 pm bellringing to mark Portsmouth Peace Treaty
Portsmouth Herald (August 31, 2009) --
City readies for Peace Treaty
The Wire (August 7, 2009) --
Ending World War Zero
Fosters Daily Democrat (July 30, 2009) --
Trail to peace topic of talk
Fosters Daily Democrat (July 26. 2009) --
Peace treaty to be focus of August talk
Portsmouth Herald (June 11, 2009) --
Seacoast Wind Ensemble celebrates peacemakers
The Wire (June 17, 2009) --
Peacemaking music
Fosters Daily Democrat (May 28, 2009) --
Sounds of peace


Portsmouth Herald (December 7, 2008) -- Author: You can play part in history
The Wire (December 4, 2008) -- Samantha Power visits the seacoast
Portsmouth Herald (December 5, 2008) -- RiverRun reads: Samantha Power
Fosters (December 4, 2008) -- Pulitzer-winning author to address Peace Treaty Forum Dec 6

Portsmouth Herald (November 26, 2008) -- Samantha Power at Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum
Portsmouth Herald (November 24, 2008) --
Speaker selected for Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum
Fosters (November 21, 2008) --
Pulitzer Prize winner featured at Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum
Portsmouth Herald (September 13, 2008) -- Behind the scenes of Flags Over Portsmouth film
Portsmouth Herald (September 6, 2008) --
Bells mark 1905 treaty
Fosters (September 6, 2008) --
Bells toll in remembrance of Treaty of Portsmouth
Portsmouth Herald (September 4, 2008) --
Bells for treaty anniversary
Fosters (September 3, 2008) --
Anniversary of the Treaty to be remembered Friday
Portsmouth Herald (May 17, 2008) --
Peace and the Presidency, Portsmouth Peace Treaty concert
Dublin Advocate (August 2008) --
Dublin Historical Society Annual Meeting: TR's Nobel
The Wire (May 15, 2008) --
Playing for peace
Portsmouth Herald (March 3, 2008) --
Where were you in June of 1982?
Portsmouth Herald (February 11, 2008) --
Peace treaty tells a lot about New Hampshire


Union Leader (December 19, 2007) -- Former Mideast diplomat seeks return to 'statecraft'
Fosters (December 19, 2007) --
Former envoy calls for statecraft in Middle East
Portsmouth Herald (December 16, 2007) --
Mideast envoy commemorates 1905 treaty
Concord Monitor (December 8, 2007) --
The peace of Portsmouth
Union Leader (November 4, 2007) -- Japan peace treaty chair, table led to tousle

Union Leader (September 28, 2007), Editor invited to Japan 
Fosters (September 24, 2007)
Peace and labor walk hand in hand
Portsmouth Herald (September 24, 2007)
A peaceful celebration
Portsmouth Herald (September 22, 2007), “
Peace, politics at forefront 
Portsmouth Herald (September 21, 2007) 
Parade set for Sunday
Fosters, (September 19, 2007) Letters: A new parade
Portsmouth Herald (September 19, 2007), International Day of Peace
Fosters (September 19, 2007)  First ever Labor/Peace Treaty parade 
Portsmouth Herald (September 16, 2007), Parade salutes labor, treaty
Portsmouth Herald, (September 6, 2007) New parade slated Sept 23
Fosters (September 6, 2007) "Bells ring for treaty"
Portsmouth Herald (September 5, 2007) "Peace Treaty will get citywide salute today"
Portsmouth Herald (August 27, 2007) Parade salutes labor, treaty, 
Portsmouth Herald (July 8, 2007) -- "A musical treasure-trove: Treaty-era research leads to Exeter Brass Band discovery"
Portsmouth Herald (June 23, 2007) "Ensemble celebrates peace treaty"
Union Leader (June 21, 2007) "Peaceful music"
Portsmouth Herald (June 17, 2007) "Best of the band concerts celebrates peace treaty anniversary"


Foster's Daily Democract (December 11, 2006) “Ceremony commemorates
Portsmouth Herald, (December 10, 2006)  

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Statewide. The NH Legislature in 2010 declared the day the Treaty was signed to be Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day in perpetuity, confirmed by Governor's Proclamation.

Highlights around Portsmouth include a salute by the Navy at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard followed by bell-ringing throughout the area (and beyond) at 3:47 pm. Market Square (15 Pleasant St.) reading of the Governor's Proclamation and hand-bell ringing by Portsmouth High School students. Temple Israel will blow the traditional shofar (ram's horn).  Bellringing at Wentworth By the Sea Hotel, Strawbery Banke Museum and John Paul Jones House Museum. Annual peace flag-raising at Green Acre School in Eliot ME.

At 6 pm "100th Anniversary of the Cherry Trees and the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Connection" an illustrated talk by Charles B. Doleac, Order of the Rising Sun gold rays with rosette. In the Discover Portsmouth Center (10 Middle St., Portsmouth), 2nd floor. Free and open to the public.



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 News and Links

To learn nore, the following books are available, click here to order:

Heroes & Friends: Behind the Scenes of the Treaty of Portsmouth by Michiko Nakanishi

There Are No Victors Here: A Local Perspective on the Treaty of Portsmouth by Peter E. Randall

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An Uncommon Commitment to Peace Exhibit Catalogue published by the Japan-America Society of NH

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: The Service of Thanksgiving for the Portsmouth Treaty, September 5, 1905 by Marina Grot Turkevich Naumann

Original 1905 newsreel footage on DVD

Treaty of Portsmouth 1905-2005 book of reproduction historical postcards.

The Portsmouth Peace Process: Guide for Teachers by Northeast Cultural Coop

Portsmouth Peace Treaty Trail

For hours, directions, details on the Portsmouth Historical Society museum where the Portsmouth Peace Treaty exhibit is displayed, click here.

For hours, directions, details on Strawbery Banke Museum and the Shapiro House, owned by one of the founders of Temple Israel who figured in the Treaty citizen diplomacy, click here.

For information about Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and Building 86 where the formal negotiations were held. click here.

For more information about Wentworth By the Sea Hotel, where both delegations stayed, click here.

For more information about Green Acre Bahai School and Sarah Farmer's commitment to the peace process, click here.

The Portsmouth Public Library maintains an micorfilm archive of local newspapers and an index of the relevant Treaty reporting and other related materials. The archive of original newspapers, photographs and other documents is maintained by the Portsmouth Athenaeum.



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