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Portsmouth Public Library Index to Local Newspaper Headlines 1905-06

August 1905

August 1, 1905 Peace Commissions Personnel: Notable Characteristics and Achievements of the Participants in a Momentous Conference (Portsmouth Times)

August 1, 1905 A Militant Spirit: Strengthened In Russia by the Czars Words on Peace: Plans to Unify Nations (Portsmouth Times)

August 1, 1905 Ready for the Envoys: State and Nation Make Final Preparations: Reception Ceremonies at Court House Strictly Private (PortsmouthTimes)

August 1, 1905 More Japanese Correspondents (Portsmouth Times)

August 1, 1905 News and Notes: What will the Peace envoys think&. (Portsmouth Times)

August 1, 1905 Welcome President Roosevelt (Portsmouth Times)

August 1, 1905 Peace Envoys Plans: As Told to the Herald By Assistance Secretary Peirce: At the Wentworth House, New Castle, on Monday Evening (Portsmouth Herald)

August 1, 1905 At Oyster Bay: Conferences Were Held at Sagamore Hill: President Roosevelt Does Much Work: Formal Call of M. De Witte Is Now Arranged For (Portsmouth Herald)

August 1, 1905 The Correct Designation (Portsmouth Herald)

August 1, 1905 Preparing For Conference: Postal Telegraph Company Arranging For Wants of Newspaper Men (Portsmouth Herald)

August 2, 1905 Americans with Japan: Kaneko Calls it a Bright Page&(Portsmouth Times)

August 2, 1905 Turkey for Peace Envoys (Portsmouth Times)

August 2, 1905 M. Witte, the Leading& (Portsmouth Times)

August 2, 1905 Although Japan will make no move& (Portsmouth Times)

August 2, 1905 Regiment is Coming: Definite Statement Made By Governor John        McLane: Companies Nearest to Portsmouth Will be Selected For Trip (Portsmouth Herald)

August 2, 1905 To Meet the Envoys: Secretary Peirce Leaves For New York: Will Return on the Galvaston Next Monday: Minor Details of the Reception To the Plenipotentiaries (Portsmouth Herald)

August 2, 1905 At Oyster Bay: Arrival of Attorney General Moody: He Came Rather Unexpectedly Tuesday: Made Trip From Portsmouth Harbor In the Dolphin (Portsmouth Herald)

August 2, 1905 Portsmouth and the Envoys: Birds Eye View (Portsmouth Herald)

August 2, 1905 What Japan Wants: Demands Which The People of the Empire Would Make (Portsmouth Herald)

August 2, 1905 Our Loss and Gain: We Are to See the Envoys But Not the Warships (Portsmouth Herald)

August 3, 1905 Will Talk French to Guests (States and Union)

August 3, 1905 The Treaty of Portsmouth: Some of the Good and Bad Things Other People Say About Us (States and Union)

August 3, 1905 Americans With Japan: Kaneko Calls it a Bright Page In His Countrys History, etc. (States and Union)

August 3, 1905 Ready for the Envoys: State and Nation Make Final Preparations: Reception Ceremonies at Court House Strictly Private: Provisional Brigade of State National Guard to Do Escort Duty (States and Union)

August 3, 1905 The Peace Commissions Personnel: Notable Characteristics and Achievements of the Participants in a Momentous Conference: All are Diplomats of the Most Persuasive Order and Renowned Statesmen of Long Standing: Meetings of the Commission Will Be Held in This City Which Is Noted for Historic Associations (States and Union)

August 3, 1905 Peace Envoys: How they will be Welcomed Here: Will Lunch at in Colonial Dining Room, Rockingham (Portsmouth Times)

August 3, 1905 Arrival of Witte: Denies Having Commented on Japans Peace Terms / Many Will Decorate (Portsmouth Times)

August 3, 1905 Change of Plans: Peace Envoys May Come to This City by Train /Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 3, 1905 Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 3, 1905 Selections are Made: Companies of the National Guard Composing Provisional Regiment: Six From Each of the Two Regiments of the State / Japanese Military Adviser: Will Accompany Envoys on Their Trip to the City (Portsmouth Herald)

August 3, 1905 In Good Health: M. Sergius Witte Has Had Good Passage: OnBoard the Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse: He Communicates With the Shore by Wireless Telegraph (Portsmouth Herald)

August 3, 1905 A Power for Peace: Witte Has Words of Praise For the AmericanPress: Wants Friendship of Japan: Russia Cherishes a Friendly Feeling Toward America (Portsmouth Herald)

August 3, 1905 Komura At Bar Harbor: He May Live There If He So Desires (Portsmouth Herald)

August 4, 1905 Just What Will Happen: Official Program of Mondays Reception to Envoys: There Will be no Guests Nor Newspaper Men Present / Peace Squadron (Portsmouth Times)

August 4, 1905 News and Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 4, 1905 Everything is Ready: All Details For the Reception Of The Envoys Completed: Ministers of the Two Nations Informed By Mr. Peirce: People of Portsmouth Are Patiently Awaiting the Arrival of TheNations Distinguished Guests (Portsmouth Herald)

August 4, 1905 Saw President: Prominent Men Guests At Oyster Bay: The British Ambassador Among Those Entertained (Portsmouth Herald)

August 4, 1905 The Probability of Peace (Portsmouth Herald)

August 4, 1905 The President in a New Light (Portsmouth Herald)

August 4, 1905 Famous Journalist: Noted Newspaper Men Who Will be in Portsmouth (Portsmouth Herald)

August 4, 1905 At the Navy Yard (Portsmouth Herald)

August 4, 1905 City Hall Decorated: Front and Sides of the Building Draped With Bunting (Portsmouth Herald)

August 5, 1905 Town Tattle: Some Items of News and Gossip Concerning CurrentEvents (Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 Militia To Escort Envoys (Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 Crowds of Visitors: Many Come to Witness Reception to Envoys(Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 Peace Service-North Church (Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 Wittes Impression of Roosevelt (Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 Make No Comment: Witte and Rosen Silent as to Talk at Sagamore Hill: Lunch with President (Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 News and Notes / Telegraph Facilities / Regarding Registration(Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 Newspaper Men Arriving (Portsmouth Times)

August 5, 1905 To be received first: Japanese Envoys will be greeted in advance of             Russians: The Question of Precedence is Settled by President Roosevelt: Most Pleasing Solution of a Perplexing Problem Based On Priority of Arrival (Portsmouth Herald)

August 5, 1905 All is Ready: Route of March for N. H. N. G. Arranged: Regiment That Will Excort the Envoys: Will Arrive at 10:20 and 10:40 Monday Morning (Portsmouth Herald)

August 5, 1905 A Portland View / Peace Service  North Church (Portsmouth Herald)

August 5, 1905 Three Witty Peace Paragraphs (Portsmouth Herald)

August 5, 1905 Becoming Famous: Portsmouth Gaining World Wide Celebrity This Summer (Portsmouth Herald)

August 5, 1905 An Official Visit: Admiral Mead Calls Upon Gov. McLane at the Wentworth (Portsmouth Herald)

August 5, 1905 Admiral Meadss Order: Official Document Sent Out From the Navy Yard (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 Made Early Start: Envoys Get Away From Newport at 9:30 This Morning (Portsmouth Times)

August 7, 1905 Following Wittes Movements (Portsmouth Times)

August 7, 1905 Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 7, 1905 News and Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 7, 1905 Stopped Over at Boston (Portsmouth Times)

August 7, 1905 Delayed by Fog: Peace Envoys Put into Newport Last Evening (Portsmouth Times)

August 7, 1905 All Ceremonies are Postponed: Reception To the Envoys Of Russian And Japanese Empires Delayed Twenty-Four Hours: Fog Delays the Squadron and the Ships Remain at Anchor in Newport Harbor Over Night (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 Russians are Anxious (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 Birds Eye View (Pronunciation of Witte) (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 Russians at the Wentworth (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 The Provisional Regiment (National Guard selections for parade) (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 The Admirals Orders: Regulations Governing Navy Yard Visitors: Only Those to Have Passes to Be Admitted (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 The Newspaper Men: Many Special Correspondents Are Now In Portsmouth (Portsmouth Herald)

August 7, 1905 There Is no Kittery Navy Yard (Portsmouth Herald)

August 8, 1905 Arrival of the Peace Envoys: Dolphin and Mayflower Anchor in the Lower Harbor This Morning (Portsmouth Times)

August 8, 1905 A Man of Leisure; Kaneko in America Merely for Enjoyment(Portsmouth Times)

August 8, 1905 Arrived in Auto: Witte Disappointed Crowd at Portsmouth Station: Japanese War Reports  (Portsmouth Times)

August 8, 1905 Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 8, 1905 Envoys are Here: Noted Visitors Arrive in Portsmouth: Received With the Highest Honors: Representatives of Japan and Russia in This City (Portsmouth Herald)

August 8, 1905 Governors Dinner, Rockingham, menu (Portsmouth Herald)

August 8, 1905 Evasive Mr. Kaneko: Shows Diplomatic Astuteness In An Interview: Japan Will Welcome Peace (Portsmouth Herald)

August 8, 1905 Dodged the Crowds: Witte Did Not Ride to the Station atPortsmouth: Denies Japanese Reports: Foreign Newspaper Men Very Much in Evidence (Portsmouth Herald)

August 8, 1905 ? Herald Guests Monday Afternoon: At Banquet and Entertainment in Music Hall (Portsmouth Herald)

August 9, 1905 Envoys in Session: First Actual Peace Deliberations: Only the Principals of Both Missions at Meeting (Portsmouth Times)

August 9, 1905 Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 9, 1905 Between the President and his son& (Portsmouth Times)

August 9, 1905 It is useless to predict or speculate& (Portsmouth Times)

August 9, 1905 News and Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 9, 1905 The Envoys at the Navy Yard: First Conference of PeacePlenipotentiaries Held in the New General Store Building: Representatives of Warring Empires Arrive at the Scene of Their Deliberations Late in the Forenoon (Portsmouth Herald)

August 9, 1905 Birds' Eye View (Portsmouth Herald)

August 9, 1905 Incidents of Tuesday: Soldier Taken Ill and Militia Officer Injured (Portsmouth Herald)

August 9, 1905 Inquirer Again: He Makes an Effort to Reply to the Herald (Portsmouth Herald)

August 9, 1905 Famous Press Photographer: James H. Hare of Collier's Weekly Now in this City (Portsmouth Herald)

August 10, 1905  Pokotiloff in Town / Notes of the Day (States and Union)

August 10, 1905 Get Down to Business: Peace Envoys at Work Early ThisMorning: Some Outline of Proceedings May be Known Tonight / Peace Conference Notes / Wittes Right Hand Man (Portsmouth Times)

August 10, 1905 Advertisement: Special Excursion Rate (Isles of Shoals) (Portsmouth Times)

August 10, 1905 Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 10, 1905  The War Correspondent (Portsmouth Times)

August 10, 1905  While the Japanese and Russian Envoys& (Portsmouth Times)

August 10, 1905 Arrival of the Peace Envoys: Dolphin and Mayflower Anchor inthe Lower Harbor Tuesday Morning (States and Union)

August 10, 1905  Arrived in Auto: Witte Disappointed Crowd at Portsmouth Station        (States and Union)

August 10, 1905  Hearing Japan's Terms: the Envoys Begin Actual Work at the Navy Yard: First General Session Held in General Store Building (Portsmouth Herald)

August 10, 1905 Col. Tetley's Men: They Cannot be too Highly Complimented on Their Showing (Portsmouth Herald)

August 10, 1905 Will Be At The Rockingham (furniture sale info.) (PortsmouthHerald)

August 11, 1905 Japans Terms Presented: She Asks Reimbursement for Cost of the War: Russians Immediately Cabled Conditions to the Czar (Portsmouth Times)

August 11, 1905 News and Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 11, 1905 Mail for Envoys (Portsmouth Times)

August 11, 1905  No Peace Conference: Off day for the Russian Japanese Envoys:  Czar's Representative Now Considering Demans of the Mikado (Portsmouth Herald)

August 11, 1905   A Japanese Fete: For Benefit of the York Historical and Improvement Society and Hospital (Portsmouth Herald)

August 11, 1905   The Peace Flag at Green Acre (Portsmouth Herald)

August 12, 1905   Russias Ready Reply: Answer to Japanese Terms Made Today: Discussion of Peace Terms May Begin on Monday / Baron Komuras Amusing Experience with a Barber (Portsmouth Times)

August 12, 1905           Peace Conference Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 12, 1905           Navy Yard Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 12, 1905           Kittery Point: The Rev. S.D. Church& (Portsmouth Times)

August 12, 1905           Russians Examining Terms (Portsmouth Times)

August 12, 1905           As Viewed by London Press / Russia Acceptance Looked For (Portsmouth Times)

August 12, 1905           The Governors Thanks (Portsmouth Times)

August 12, 1905           Will not Accept: Russia Refuses the Terms of Japan: Japanese Envoys Take The Russian Reply Under Consideration (Portsmouth Herald)

August 13, 1905           Peace Envoys Discuss Kingdom's Affairs: First of the Japanese Demands Now Being Considered

August 14, 1905           Envoys Had a Rest: No Sunday Session and Russians Go to Church; Pessimistic View of the Peace Negotiations& (Portsmouth Times)

August 14, 1905           Russians at Church: Attended Morning Service at Christ Episcopal: Witte Particularly Interested in Anglican Service (Portsmouth Times)

August 14, 1905           Navy Yard Notes / New Souvenir Postal Cards (Portsmouth Times)

August 14, 1905           Mr. Witte was breakfasting in his apartments&.  (Portsmouth Times)

August 14, 1905           New and Notes (Portsmouth Times)

August 14, 1905           Concerning Korea: Peace Envoys Discuss Kingdoms Affairs:First of the Japanese Demands Now Being Considered (Portsmouth Herald)

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